How to Make 100 Dollars a Day Online for Free

The great thing about this method is that its been used and proven to work for beginners who have had very little experience with web design or SEO. I first learned about this method in 2011 and it still works till this day.

It is important to keep in mind, though, that it will require you to take massive amounts of action.

While other websites or gurus may glorify online money making as being effortless, the reality is much different. Those that are driven and put in 10x the effort every day will succeed with this method. Those that prefer to be “realistic” will doubt this method from the beginning and won’t put the required effort in to achieve this goal of making $100 a day online for free.

While this method aims to teach you how to make $100 dollars a day online for free, it is recommended that you invest the small amount of change needed to buy a domain name and cheap hosting.

If you would like to learn how to buy a .com domain name and connect it with a hosting account, then click here for the guide.

How to Make 100 Dollars a Day Online for Free

This proven method will involve promoting a product online for which you will be paid an affiliate commission from any time someone makes a sale.

These are the following steps that you will have to complete in order to achieve success with this method:

  • Pick a niche that has a consistent amount of demand year-round
  • Create your review blog that will advertise products or services in this niche
  • Use Google to find interested customers
  • Respond to all opportunities
  • Build backlinks naturally
  • Rinse & Repeat

Trust me, once I break it down for you, you will be able to instantly make $100 daily online if you put in the required effort and don’t quit on yourself right away.

1) Niche Selection

In order to start a website or a blog, you’re going to have to pick a niche or an interest that you’ll want to center the site around. Not just any niche though. If you really want to succeed, you need to pick an evergreen niche.

An evergreen niche is just as the name would suggest: a niche that is always bringing in the green, year-round.

Here is a list of examples:

  • weight loss
  • dog training
  • relationships
  • self-help
  • finance/make money
  • health problems
  • …and so much more

What you want to avoid is seasonal niches like camping for this method. Why go through all of the effort for a niche that’s only profitable for 4 months of the year?

With this method, you don’t have to worry about competition so just go ahead and pick an evergreen niche that appeals to you.

Next, you’ll need to find an affiliate program in that niche that will reward you with a commission for promoting and selling their product.

Here are some websites on which you may find the right products to promote:

  1. Clickbank
  2. Offervault
  3. Google search: “(niche) affiliate”

It is important for you to select a product that is convincing enough that someone would buy it. If the product sales page looks like it was designed in 2001 then you need to move on and find a different product. Find one that is engaging and trustworthy, one that solves a problem. People buy things to solve their problems so find them the perfect solution to their problems.

2) Create a Blog

While I definitely recommend getting a .com and buying a cheap hosting package to start your blog, you can definitely use or to start a free blog for the time being.

The reason why I recommend getting an official .com is because these free blog sites will make your domain name look like this:


It doesn’t look as professional as www.[website-name].com but if you don’t have a little tiny bit of money to spend, then you can use the free blogs until you make some money. Just don’t be surprised if people don’t trust the subdomain names.

Back to the topic at hand though, head on over to or but I’m going to use WordPress for this example.

Once you head on over there, you will be greeted by a pricing screen like this:

Click the Get Started below and you will be taken to this screen where you will need to fill in all of your new site’s details:

On this next screen is where you’ll want to enter in the desired domain name of your choice. In order for this to be free, your domain name will have to be instead of

The difference in length is huge and there is great trust placed in the branded domain name than the free one from WordPress.

It’s not too late to invest a small amount of money into a branded domain and hosting right here.

how to make 100 dollar a day online for free

Complete the rest of the steps by filling in your personal details before proceeding to the back-end of WordPress.

Now it’s finally time to write some content!

3) Finding Customers

Building a website is easy, but ask any website owner, getting the traffic is the hard part.

Nowadays we’re blessed with many advertising mediums that allow us to attract traffic, but how do you get it for free? After all, the name of this post isĀ how to make $100 a day online for free.

What you’re going to want to do is open up and type in the keywords that are associated with the product you’re trying to advertise.

For instance, let’s say you are advertising a dog training DVD kit, then you will want to type (and keep the quotations marks): “dog”

Next, you’re going to want to click the Tools tab as pictured here:

You will then see various options and you should click “Any time” and change that to “Past 24 hours”. This is crucial because we want to post our links on new content because people are looking at new content. If we post our website on old news articles, nobody is looking at old news articles and therefore we’re just wasting our time.

Change “Sort by relevance” to “Sort by date” so we can get the freshest content possible to post on.

Find some relevant pieces of content to post on and be sure to leave your link in a natural way.

Let’s say the article is about a dog that bit a girl and had to be put down. You would then leave a comment like this:

Our pitbull, Tanya, had some aggression issues when we adopted her. Tanya had unfortunately bit a child in her previous house and was given up for adoption. We bought this dog training DVD [insert link here] and she is now the best trained dog ever. She rolls around with our kids and we’re comfortable with leaving her in the room alone with our kids or guests.

Here is an example of what not to do:

If you want the best trained dog, buy this dog training DVD [insert link here].


You can also find some niche-relevant posts on Facebook that you can respond to by using Google this way:

“your keyword”


Once you start making some more money, you can invest in an incredible piece of software called BuzzBundle.

What BuzzBundle does is it uses your desired keywords to scan blogs, forums, YouTube videos, Tweets and Facebook posts that are relevant. This allows you to contact those people directly and provide them with a solution to their problems.

Download the free trial here.

4) Backlinks

While SEO requires for you to build backlinks in order to boost up your rankings for certain keywords, this method brings attention to your blog right away.

But here’s a bonus! Because you’re leaving your links in various places, you’re actually building backlinks and you may actually benefit from them in the future in the way of ranking. Just make sure that your on-page content is optimized!

5) Rinse & Repeat

Here is where many people fail. They do it for 1 hour a day and they don’t make a single sale, so they quit.

Does that sound like you? Do you get excited about things and suddenly quit when it doesn’t go your way right away?

If that’s the kind of person you are, you’re going to have to dig down and fight through that. There is a learning curve with online business and you will need to stay motivated. If you keep working hard, you will eventually find what works and that’s when it becomes easy.

Remember, doing this for 1 hour and expecting it to work is just setting yourself up for failure. Prepare to comment, comment and comment some more. Change up the keywords to similar keywords in your niche and promote your website and its products.

If you go to a part-time job that pays you $10/hour, then you’ll be paid a handsome $80 for an 8 hour shift.

So why is it difficult to imagine that you can make $100 a day by promoting your website for 6-8 hours a day from the comfort of your own home? Who knows, maybe if your product pays you a higher commission then maybe you’ll only need to work 2 hours per day. Either way, you need to put in some serious work in the beginning to find what works.

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